Floor cleaner – citrus DD485

Floor cleaner - citrus DD485

Concentrated cleaning product that combines enzymatic biological properties with degreasing and self-shining properties that provide a more effective cleaning and polishing for all types of surfaces quickly, easily, and efficiently. With European Ecolabel.


  • Concentrated product: high performance and fast acting: saves product and time
  • Biological action: its enzymes increase its effectiveness as a detergent
  • Multi-action: cleaner and polisher (includes polishing and non-slip waxes) with an air freshening effect
  • Safe to use: suitable for all types of floors
  • Environmental improvement: ecodesigned product, it preliminarily breaks down organic matter due to its biological action
  • Other benefits: general use cleaner that meets sustainability requirements focused on Green Public Procurement

*Sectors: hotels, nursing homes, sports centres, cleaning companies.

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