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Effectiveness, personnel safety, care for materials and respect for the environment in each of our solutions.


Integral solutions to guarantee food safety and maintain high safety and quality standards.


Innovative solutions developed to enhance efficiency, increase use safety and reduce the environmental impact.


Safe and profitable solutions designed to provide a response to the daily challenges in a safe and quick way that respects the environment.

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      Our services

      We offer added-value services to guarantee the proper use of our products and solutions.

      Diagnosis and expert advice

      Our technical-business team gathers the information about the needs or problem factors, analyses the case, makes the diagnosis and proposes the most suitable solution.

      Personalized documentation

      A series of personalized documents in order to inform your employees about the proper way to use the products such as, for example, cleaning plans, reports, information signs/posters, etc.

      Technical support

      We provide you with expert scientific, technical and legal advice about the products:

      Solution development – co-design:

      Commissioning of innovative solutions that are custom-made for customer’s processes and requirements as well as specific sectors.

      Application follow-up and monitoring

      • Analysis and tests in our laboratory
      • Report generation


      On-site and on-line training, personalized for each customer.

      Why select us?

      We develop new biotechnology solutions to cover the specific needs for each type of customer, always with maximum respect for environmental and people’s health



      We analyse the solutions offered to our customers and subject them to specific effectiveness and quality controls to guarantee the compliance with the required standards.

      Cost savings and process optimization

      Cost savings

      Our multi-function ecological products facilitate the simplicity of the processes, reducing operating costs and minimizing the waste management.

      Health and Safety

      We reduce the use of hazardous raw materials in our formulas to guarantee the best work conditions by developing the safest products for use.


      By means of eco-design and the use of clean technologies (green chemistry and biotechnology), we develop our products to minimize the environmental impact and pollution as well as contribute to conserve resources.

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