Cookies policy

Use of cookies: What is a cookie and what is its use?

We hereby inform you that this Web Page uses cookies. A cookie is a text file which is sent to the web browser of your computer, mobile or any other device, which is used to store and recover information about the performed browsing. Cookies allow the web page to recognize the user, which are generally used to remember the browsing options which the user selected (for example: to remember the language which was used, the user name and password, etc.)

Acceptance of the cookies of this web site

Through the drop-down menu which is displayed the first time that you enter our web site, or following the instructions of this Clause, you may modify and manage the configuration of our cookies. If you continue without modifying your configuration, we shall understand that you agree with them.


What type of cookies exist?

There are diverse types of cookies:

According to the parties which manage them, they are differentiated as follows:
Own cookies: they are cookies which are sent to your browser from our servers or web domains.
Third party cookies: they are cookies which are sent from a server or web domain not directly managed by us but by a third party entity (e.g.: Google services).

According to the time which they are active:
Session cookies: These cookies allow identification of the user during the live session, which means that they are memorized and they only possess validity during the time in which the active session lasts, which means, during said user’s visit to the web site, where no cookies remain in your device.
Persistent cookies: These cookies remain in your device and our web site reads them each time that a new visit is made. These cookies cease to function once a specific data has passed.

According to their purpose:
Technical cookies: these cookies improve the browsing and proper functioning of the web site.
Personalization cookies: these cookies permit access to the service with several predefined features based on a series of criteria.
Analysis cookies: these cookies permit the statistical measurement and analysis of the use which is made of the provided service.

How can you modify the cookies?

The user may always personalize the use of the “cookies”, as well as hinder their compilation by modifying the browser options. Depending on the browser, the configuration of the cookies will be in one location or another. You will be able to locate them if you use the “Help” function of your browser. You may also configure your browser to accept or reject the cookies by default or to receive a Clause on the receipt screen of each cookie and decide at that time whether or not they are implemented in your hard disk.

Among the most common browsers:

Firefox: OptionsPrivacyTrackingtell the web sites that you do not want to be tracked
Chrome: Chrome MenuConfigurationDisplay advanced optionsPrivacyConfiguration of contentsCookiesblock cookies in a predetermined way
Safari: Preferences PrivacyBlock Cookies
Explorer: ToolsInternet OptionsPrivacyConfiguration move the slider completely upwards to block all the cookies or completely downward to permit all the cookies and next, click on Accept.

When completely blocking the “cookies”, you may hinder specific sites from being properly displayed. Bear in mind that if you do not accept our cookies, you will not be able to use the access for customers, nor the customer extranet, nor the font size personalization.

What types of cookies do we use in this Web Page?

We use using the following specific types of cookies: