A&B, winner of the CEX Awards for their good practices in the decarbonization field.

The Eco-Design methodology used in the development of our products has won the CEX Award granted by the National Association of Centres for Excellence (CEX).


The presentation showed the development of the ECOSOLVENTS product range by A&B live Bio as an example, to demonstrate the way in which eco-design, taking into account all the phases of the life cycle of a product when developing it, promotes decarbonization.

On the 20th of June, members of the A&B team defended their candidacy before a jury comprised by representatives from different Excellence Centres throughout the national territory as well as the remaining finalist companies which included: CESVIMAP, HIPERBARIC, HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO MOLLET and STELLANTIS.

When the presentation phase of the good practices concluded, the jury, after deliberation, announced the name of the winning Company of the 2023 CEX Award on “Climate Neutrality. Decarbonization and Energy Transition”.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear A&B announced as the name of the winning Company.

Click on the link to watch the presentation